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This information is general and applies to both funeral homes in Whakatane, we are both under the same understanding and its not promoting us against them, this is purely for the community

Here is the disclaimer information that is being circulated. The basics of it is the following:

Once the person becomes deceased, it is advised that they spend time with their loved one as once the deceased is transferred by funeral director, this will be the last time they see their loved one.
Long term embalming is an option, however as we are unsure how long this will last, we can’t guarantee this is a good option
There is to be no gathers for funeral services and nobody is allowed to attend the funeral home. This includes viewings, open or closed caskets.
Deceased are not allowed to be taken home, as there is no guarantee people will not gather for this.
Burials are to be private and funeral staff are the only people allowed to be on site for this, the family have the option for the funeral director to film this and give to the family.
Cremations are also t be private and only funeral home staff are allowed to be there for this process.
We are recommending cremation for a lot of people if they are wanting to hold a memorial service later on, this is a great way to honour the deceased life after the lockdown.

I will take any questions from your staff around this, so please don’t hesitate to give them my personal mobile number or email if there any concerns. 0279714549 is my number.

If you need anything don’t hesitate to contact me anytime


Best wishes.

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